Smaller Bands

Very often the size of the venue or stage, type of function or the available budget will dictate the size of band required. The All-Star Bands can be supplied to suit all of these issues.

Below are some examples of how the bands can be made up:

The 12 piece band will still get a very good ‘Big Band Sound’ consisting of  10 musicians and a male and female vocalist. If the function requires a good proportion of ‘Pop Music’ then we would use 2 female singers.

The 10 piece band would still give quite a good ‘Big Band Sound’consisting of 8 musicians and 2 vocalists.


The 6 piece band
would be normally 5 musicians and 1 vocalist.

A 4 or 5 piece band can be provided and is ideal for a small venue,weddings, birthdays and private parties.

Our very popular 5 or 6 piece All-Stars Dixieland Band  is also available.

The Smaller Bands Diary 2012 - Public Performances

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Ensembles to suit all occasions